Dining with The Food Crawlers can only mean a feast, the whole menu is on the spot light, but let’s talk about the tastiest bites.

Tittos is constructed from the ground up as restaurant to impress with 2 storeys of dining space and amenities that make them one of the best, valet parking being a bug plus factor in the parking starve district of Kapitolyo, so a hassle free experience should be a crowd drawer.
18-Hour Gaucho Steak (480 PHP)

18-Hour Gaucho Steak  #REYcommended

They use a hangar steak, prized for its meaty flavour being right under the cow’s belly. 18 hours of sous vide to let it cook in its own juiciness and grilled to a nice char, topped with chimichurri for even more flavour.

Beef Barbacoa Street Taco (135 PHP)

Beef Barbacoa Street Taco 
Slow-cooked beef belly can be simply described as juicy, a perfect filling for any taco A crisp and moist bite is to be expected. You can go wrong with any other street tacos, but this piece stands out among the rest.

Pollo Asado (195 / 340 / 680 PHP)
Pollo Asado (Roast Chicken)
Available in Quarter w/ 1 side, Half w/ 2 sides, and Whole w/ 3 sides.
Staring a them as they rolled in the oven was enough to get me excited, which followed through well on taste, a lightly marinated chicken that shined with its simple flavour and tender meat and skin that’s crisp, what more can you ask for in a good roast. Maybe top it with some chimichurri? 

Paella de Carne (320 / 540 PHP)

Paella de Carne

Good Sharing 3-4 persons or 6-8 persons
A mixed opinion among the group circled this dish for a valid reason, some didn’t like the sticky and heavy consistency, but others enjoyed it for that. The taste on the other hand is agreeably good, smooth and 

Patas Bravas “Marbled Potato” (55 PHP) #REYcommended
A must order with any dish! It’s cooked in a way that makes it unbelievably too good to be just a potato. It must be the chimichurri mixed in, it could be, but really it’s everything they did makes this awesome.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (190 PHP) #REYcommended
It’s a sweet way to end your flavourful meal here at Tittos. It may not be the best in the market, but it’s position here makes feel the best. It just works here.


16 E Capitol Dr, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila

11AM to 1AM Daily


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