Enjoy the scenic view of downtown Makati. The Penthouse 8747 is just at the right elevation for you to enjoy the skyline, not too high above, just enough to avoid the street-level noise. The comfy and plush sofas with gold trim gives a sense of luxury that only a few can afford. If only the band played the tune for that kind of mood, music is an aspect that they need to improve. Remember the main attractions is the spectacular view, it’s an impressive site, more so in person. Just have drinks and your visit will be worth your while.

My Experience

I entered from the ground floor entrance of Lepanto Building along Paseo de Roxas. There’s an non-barricaded portion of the sidewalk just after the Lepanto building where you can disembark from your chauffeur driven vehicle. Parking is located at the back on Valero Access Road 2, exactly 3 right turns from Paseo de Roxas.
Being located atop an office building elevators are abundant and quick. Upon arriving the last floor the elevator services, turn left and make your way up the elegant staircase, then turn right towards the glowing skyline of Makati. Waiters will immediately assist you to a vacant table /couch of your choice. The seating layout is spacious and makes lounging around feel personal. They have 2 wet bars strategically located by the entrance and at the opposite end of the place, so the bar is never too faraway for another round.

The Rustic Mondays (2550 PHP) offers guests with an assortment of platters paired with a bottle of wine.

Queso Overja Sheeps Milk, Red Leicester, Gouda Cheese Aged, Gouda Cheese Loaf 48%, Goat Cheese, Dutch Cheese 50+ (comes with grapes, olives, apples, and crackers)

MIXED PLATE (Pre-selected)
Red Leicester, Gouda Cheese Loaf 48%, Smoked Salami, Chorizo Nobleza, Beef Pastrami, Dutch Cheese 50+ (comes with grapes, olives, apples, and crackers)

Jamon Serrano Prosciutto. Smoke Salami, Chorizo Nobleza, Beef Pastrami, Mortadella Iberico (comes with cornichons and cocktail onions)

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