The three sides of the Axon event hall at the Green Sun Hotel represent the 3 different regions of Spain, namely North, East, and Central and South, where a variety of native tapas, cheeses, wine, main courses, and desserts awaited the invited guests.

The North Region offered a lot of delicious pieces by Chef Amado (Pablo Bistro), Chef Pablo (Donosti), and Chef Chele of Vask Gallery which has been awarded in 2016 as the 39th Best in Asia and The Best in the Philippines by the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant List.

Mini Wagyu Burger with foie mousse

The Central and South regions were represented by Chef Carlos (Black Pig), Chef Juan Carlos (Terry’s Selection), and Chef Justo (Txanton). Lemony puff pastry doughnut-shape coffee cakes from Alcalá de Henares, Spain was our favourite dessert it had just enough crisp and sweetness, a little bit dry on the inside, but it’s fine.

Lemony Puff Pastry doughnut shaped coffee cakes from Alcalá de Henares, Spain

The East Region were we hangout the most for the wide display of cheeses and the flavourful Paella Arroz de cerdo adobado con boletus by Chef Iván (Arrozeria), also on the east side are Chef Francisco (Rambla y las Flores) and Chef Nicolás (Barcino).

Mahi-Mahi Black Tempura with hot mayonnaise foam

Cheese and Ham Display

Cheese Display

We had a wonderful time sampling all the sumptuous food. Thank you to the Spanish Embassy for inviting us to this spectacular event to wine and dine.


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