Rainbow Xiao Long Bao

Paradise Dynasty is a Chinese restaurant chain in Singapore that’s famous for their “Rainbow Xiao Long Baos” and their elegant interiors, which can easily be mistaken for a high-class restaurant, but really they’re just trendy.

Their menu is composed of simple Traditional Chinese dishes made from high-quality ingredients and prepared in a home-cooked manner for the closest to authentic taste. Beyond the usual, they attract diners with their colourful Rainbow Xiao Long Baos packed with a soothing broth that’s supplemented with interesting flavours of (In order of my preference) Crab Roe, Foie Gras, Szechuan, Black Truffle, Original “Signature”, Cheese, Ginseng, and Garlic, all of which are bold, yet balanced with its base broth. The spicy kick from the Szechuan that tappers to a smooth finish, the richness of the crab roe is comforting, the refreshing taste of ginseng, the creamy to soupy feel of the cheese, and the milky foie gras is soothing, all of which is made from natural ingredients.


Rainbow Xiao Long Bao (388 PHP) 8 pieces

Pork Dumpling with Hot Chili Vinaigrette (168 PHP) 6 pieces

Another simple dish that showcases the culinary abilities of the kitchen team. If you ever wonder what dumplings really taste like then, this the dish you’re looking for. It’s texture and soft flavour remain intact despite the surrounding mild spice.
Signature Xiao Long Bao (188 PH) 6 pieces


Stir-fried Shredded Pork in Black Bean Sauce served with Chinese Crepes (288 PHP)

I love the noodle like texture of this classic dish, it’s pork shredded and stir-fried in a savoury black bean sauce. I can eat it on its own, but it’s served with Chinese crepes for you to wrap the pork into. It feels and fills good, it’s a nice hefty start for when one is a hungry.

Chilled Tofu with Century Egg (180 PHP)

I enjoy subtle tasting dishes as much as the creamy and savoury dishes. Tofu is a delicate ingredient easily mangled, but simply majestic when prepared with expertise. It’s silky texture is well presented and complemented with the century egg. A cold soothing start.

Chilled Slice Pork with Minced Garlic and Soya Sauce (230 PHP)

Rolled meaty ham with a fresh taste from the veggies and life form the minced garlic and soya.

It’s Paradise!


Poached Beef in Szechuan Chilli Oil (688 PHP)

The unbelievably tender beef was the main attraction of this bowl of spice, it made me brave the chili that lurks in the soup.



Radish Pastry (136 PHP)

The Radish Pastry wins my taste buds with its flaky puffed goodness that’s stuffed with creamy shreds of coconut. 


Their classy interior redefines casual dining

12 Seater Private Room (9000 PHP consumable)

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