OVLENG MK-7 3.5mm Sports In-ear Earphone with Microphone (Silver/Black)  
The packaging is presentable, which they mentioned in the feature list. Inside you’ll find a plastic cradle that holds the earphones and nothing else, no extra ear-tips. First detail I noticed was the plastic connectors and microphone, which is a contrast to the metal shell of the earphones, a minor issue that can be overlooked considering the low price tag of just 499 PHP.

Sound Quality is decent with no tearing on the highest volume. Expect a flat untuned pair, ideal for voice and acoustic songs, it emphasises on clarity more than anything. Bass loving listeners will be left unsatisfied with this pair of earphones. It pumps out a good clean volume, but not the rumbling feel that one would expect from “bass” marketed earphones. Coming from the Urbanears Bagis earbuds, this felt like tin cans, which initially made think this was a cheap pair, but slowly I understood its natural flat profile. Obviously I’m not an audiophile, just a guy who likes to hear something nice.

The braided fabric cord feels durable and tangle resistant.
Metal build quality that feels sturdy. 
I will  be updating this first impression to a “Long Term Review” 

I bought this item to understand the value of these smaller brands as I’m replacing my earphones by the season due to wear and tear, even big name brands 6 times the price didn’t last more than 6 months. A greater value is what drives this blog, whether luxury or simple things like this.

Speaking of simple, I ordered through Lazada.com a reliable online retail company here in the Philippines, which delivered my order within 48 hours (Metro Manila Only) and surprisingly on a Sunday morning. I opted for a C.O.D. payment since I’m conscious of non-deliveries, which doesn’t seems to a problem now as this is my 2nd time ordering through Lazada.


Unfortunately, just after 3 months of good use these pairs failed to survive normal use.

Click link below for the product page.


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