The “Mad For Lobsters” is back in HEAT with more Lobster dishes.

This year they’re madder than ever with specialty dishes such as Lobster Curry, Lobster Sushi Roll, and even Lobster bisque ice cream for all-in all-out experience. Seafood lovers will rejoice with the 3 towers of fresh crustacean featuring Boston, Slipper, Rock, Pacific, Japanese, Tiger, and Bamboo Lobsters.

The fun begins at the entrance with a photo booth setup loaded with props to use. Walking through the buffet will surely have you awe at the wet-market presentation of the lobsters. They’re ready for the picking! 

After selecting your catch, bring them to the corner station oand have them cook it to your liking; steamed, sautéed, boiled, grilled, or even stir-fried Chinese style. I enjoyed it fresh or lightly steamed, allowing the fresh flavours to remain intact.

Garlic and Butter Sautéed Crab

3 Towers of fresh Boston, Slipper, Rock, Pacific, Japanese, Tiger, and Bamboo Lobsters

Mango Salsa Lobster

Fresh Lobsters

If you happened to be invited here and are not into lobsters, don’t worry as they always have a hefty Rib-Eye Steak ready for the grill, ask for a thick cut for the best result.

If things get messy or if you’re a messy eater like myself, they have an apron to catch all of the stray bits. 

Sushi and sashimi lovers will also be satisfied with the spread of Japanese treats with the usual salmon and tuna sashimi slices and a variety of rolls.

For desserts they have a station of cakes and pastries, but the real crowd drawer is the Lobster Bisque ice cream, which is a salty sweet dessert. They also have a dozen other flavours to choose from. Also available are Philippine local delicacies such as; taho and halo-halo. 


Mad for Lobsters 
Every Friday Dinner
2,615 PHP net per person

Mad for Wagyu
Every Saturday Dinner
2,815 PHP net per person


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