Locally canned juices

NutriAsia recently launched the new aluminium can packaging for their premium homegrown brand, Locally blended juice drink. Quench your thirst with distinct Filipino flavours made from blended seasonal fruits sourced from farms in Laguna (dalandan), Nueva Ecija (calamansi), Cebu (guyabano), Bulacan (tamarind), and Davao (mangosteen). 

Natural Calamansi Juice

Locally emphasizes on its advocacy for everything local, building relationships with farmers and the land of each ingredient. Loving local is absolutely in right now, and it’s a good thing since it enables us to support our own communities and promote Filipino pride, which is exactly what Locally is all about,” says Gretchen King, Group Product Manager for Locally.

Tamarind “My Bell” bottled juice drink

The Philippines’ strengthening economy and growing middle class has led to a demand of higher quality products, which Locally supplies just in time. 

Mangosteenie “Miney Mo” juice

Locally blended juice drinks are now available in all leading supermarkets and convenient stores nationwide at affordable prices (30.95 PHP for bottles / 24.50 PHP for cans).

“Merci” Buco Juice

Quench your thirst with 100% Organic Coconut Water from plantations in Bicol and Quezon. Using local coco water is a natural source for electrolytes for hydrating which contain no fat or bad cholesterols.  alongside the refreshing pure coco water are the flavoured variants: Coconut Water with Pandan Flavour, and Coconut Water with Lychee Flavour.

Locally’s Pure Coconut juices are available in leading groceries and convenient stores nationwide in 330 ml (34.45 PHP) or 1 litre (91.95 PHP) packs.

Start #LivinLovinLocally and rediscover local, homegrown flavours with Locally. For more information and updates on Locally’s products and advocacy, you may visit @LocallyPH on Instagram and Facebook.


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