Gringo’s Roast Chicken is my current EAT

There are many roast chicken joints around the Metro, but Gringo is more than just an excellent choice. They levelled-up the affordable casual dining scene to an unprecedented standard. It’s not often I find restaurants that succeeds in the mid-priced segment for most cost-cut in at least one of the 3 major aspects of a restaurant, the food quality, service, and ambiance. Gringo’s food quality in taste and ingredient go beyond the expected, Restaurant interior is highly detailed with no aspect left behind, and finally the consistent service from their crew, they run through the basics naturally, from the glass of water on arrival to the preemptive serving of needs such as water and sauce refill. The whole experience feels flawless and even after more than a dozen times of dining they remains consistent chain-wide.

Inside Gringo Makati (photo courtesy of InsiderPH)

So who is Gringo’s market?

Everyone! Their popularity is organic, stemming from the enjoyment of others, which is why they have a diverse following, from The Barkada, The Family, and even Expats (very apparent in their Makati and BGC store) enjoy Gringo.

The highlight of the restaurant is their Roast Chicken. I prefer the original version.


(w/o sides and w/ sides)
148 / 225 Quarter w/ 2 sides
285 / 365 Half w/ 3 sides
535 / 648 Whole w/ 3 sides

If you plan on getting a whole portion w/ sides, I suggest ordering 2 Half Chickens w/ sides instead, which totals to 730 pesos, 82 pesos more expensive, but you get 6 sides of your choice instead of just 3 (50-75 pesos ala carte) My favourite sides include the mashed camote (sweet potato), marbled potato, mexican rice, and regular mashed potato.

Its meaty yet juicy texture feels light and char from the roast is consistent. Flavour of the chicken on it’s own is quite subtle, but is easily supplemented by their tangy herb lemon sauce or their hot and spicy lemon sauce that’s tolerable (low tolerance) and soothing.

AJO PORK ADOBO (268 PHP) ★★★☆☆

I got curious with their version, but despite our waiters honest opinion of it being just normal, we went through with it anyway. He was right, it’s nothing special with ratio of fats rather high on our order and the sauce to tangy like their sauce.

LEMON GARLIC BUTTER CRAB (155 PHP per 100g) ★★★★☆

They only use female crabs, so expect a lot of fat and satisfaction, it ranges from 400 to 600 grams, prepared to showcase the crab on a pool of butter sauce. Yum!


It’s a nice soothing sweet dessert with a sticky texture that won’t leave you over-dossed with sugar, it’s just right to satisfy and complete one’s meal. Highly recommended! 

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