There’s a premium for good food and the Gourmet Bar by Novotel will surely satisfy. Our only negative point would be that it’s located right beside by the attractive buffet next door that has an equally good selection, but in all-you-can-eat setup. But there are days when buffets are just not practical or when you’re on a diet and a good sit down meal is what you need. Gourmet bar is more then capable of giving you a gastronomic delight for your discerning appetite.

Come for the 15 Scoop – Le Mont Gourmand (999+ PHP) it’s an excellent value in a big group looking for a treat. The ice gelato bowl can easily fill more than 10 dessert loving tummies, so when divided among friends it’s actually a better deal than stand alone ice cream/gelato shops, on a scoop for scoop basis plus it’s fun to look at and Instagram worthy experience.

Scallop & Champagne Veloute
Silky smooth soup that’s poured into your bowl, which actually is an easier way to transport soup. The flavours are balanced and the scallops add an element of surprise, which it complements well with the champagne.

Pan Seared Local Buffalo Mozzarella & Vegetable Salad and Norwegian Salmon with Chives Burrata Espuma. What a mouthful of a name, the waiter would be dishing out the empty plate before you even finish. It’s that good!.

Beef Tenderloin
Amazingly tender, it’s like eating ox tongue. The mashed potato is perfect for continuing the smooth texture of the beef. A power couple garnished with greens. 

The 2 Way Churros

Deep fried to a crisp outer layer and soft inner filling that’s surprisingly absent of the oily feeling you get with other Churro shops in the Metro. The Dark-side offers a thick chocolate dip that really gets us excited to eat, while the Light-side has vanilla ice cream. Whichever way you have it, you’ll surely be asking for more.

Unleaded Cucumber (180+ PHP)
A non-alcoholic designed for the kids, but has become a popular drinks with the adults. It’s a fizzy drink that won’t get you dizzy, satisfying to the last sip. We dislike cumbers, but this creative concoction gives cucumbers a new found purpose and it’s delicious.

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