A hotpot experience that’s worth the travel. Separated from the hectic confines of the main area of MOA stands a place that dedicates itself to the offering the people a wide variety of ingredients. The interactive dinning experience that is Four Seasons Hotpot City is another concept of the Vikings group, who really loves to stuff people with their food. They give you another reason to dine with them. Food and Fun in one place is undeniably a great concept.

✔  What We Love:

• The tofu section is where we frequented the most. A good variety of bean based goodies. The different textures was really enjoyable especially for vegetables.

• The salmon belly teppanyaki is so good and I couldn’t help but order since the station is located at the entrance of VIP room 1.

• The good selection of thinly slice meat.

• The large collection of ingredients for your pot. They even different coloured noodles that are flavoured, from the black squid ink noodles to the green malungay based noodles.

✘ What We Love to See Improve:

• The dessert station had a lot of sweet goodies, but none of them really made us happy. They look the part, but they don’t taste like the real thing. The desserts need to use better ingredients. All purpose cream isn’t really an all purpose solution. The white chocolate fountain is really a waste, it was too thin, dipping the marshmallows in the fountain would just end up clear once lifted. 

★ To summarise: Four Seasons Hotpot may not be an all purpose buffet, but if you want to have a different dining experience, then this the place to be. 

Thank you Booky Manila for inviting me to the VIP Event celebrating your partnership with the Vikings group – Philippine’s largest buffet restaurant group. Click the image below to see the discount for yourself.

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The Booky team during the event in VIP Room 1 at Four Seasons Hotpot City, Mall of Asia. From Right; Edison, Anna, Aileen, and Ben Wintle – the founder of Booky Manila.

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