Chef Salvatore and his team preparing our meal

 Chef Salvatore de Vincentis,  Executive Chef of Finestra at Solaire Resort & Casino.

The 1 kilogram Scottona Alla Fiorentina T-bone Steak with lemon and Sicilian season was grilled perfectly, it was juicy and flavourful on the inside and charred perfectly on the outside. The Sea Bass was so fresh it tasted like the ocean, eating slowly in tiny pieces until the last bite. Prepared in an open kitchen setup, it was interesting to watch Chef Salvatore and his Team prepare our food from our table and up close. The meal was truly an unforgettable experience.

Chef Salvatore de Vincentis explaining us his menu.

1 Kilogram T-Bone Steak Scottona Alla Fiorentina | 6300PHP / 140USD

Fresh Sea Bass


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