Epilogue in S Maison Mall at Conrad Manila

The glowing red restaurant that has everyone curious what they are and what they offer. Epilogue serves a fusion of Japanese European flavours with techniques and styles combined for a distinct culinary experience.

At first glance the dimly lit ambiance already projects mystery, it contrasts the uniform white vibe of the mall and its neighbours and their eye catching radiate red bar will draw you in.

Upfront you’ll be greeted by the display of breads, cakes, and various pastries, which by the way is discounted 30% less after 7 PM daily. 


The 4-course tasting menu is highly recommended when dining at Epilogue. The set menu is priced based on your main entree you choose. You start with Soup and Salad, then your choice of main dish; Pollo Cotoletta (900 PHP nett), Foie’s Gold (1,400 PHP nett), Spigola (1,600 PHP nett), and Maestro (1,900 PHP nett), then end with something sweet from the Pastry display. You can pick a cake or pastry from the display, cakes start from 280 PHP for a chocolate cake to 330 PHP for the Matcha Cake, we suggested the latter for the best value for your set.


Pollo Cotoletta Set (900 PHP)

   290 – Cerchio Soup
   420 – Signore Cardini
   780 – Pollo Cotoletta
   330 – Matcha Cake (choose your own)

1,820 – À la carte price (supposed savings of 920 PHP) 

Buta Amiyaki (590 PHP)


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