Denny’s at Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City is the brand’s first store in the Philippines and they’re never closing their doors.
Denny’s BGC is open 24/7

Bistro Group opens the first Denny’s in Southeast Asia and it’s located beside the Palace at Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City. After-party munchies, early for morning yummies, and late brunches with the family, it’s always a good time to dine at Denny’s.

Pancake Puppies 195 PHP

Six pancake puppies tossed with cinnamon sugar and served with a side of maple syrup. These pancake balls are a treat to eat, soft and sweet is hard to beat. 
A cold glass of their fresh lemonade pairs well with most of their offerings a light citrus with sweetness level to balance. Also on their drink list are the usual import beers such as Stella and Corona, local beers are available too. Cocktails to Milkshakes, Denny’s has the liquids to hydrate your thirst, whatever that may be.

Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate 395 PHP

Fun fact: Denny’s Philippines are the only store(s) that offers rice with their meals, but fries were chosen here for aesthetics. The pancakes are punch in the stomach with its overloaded toppings atop the fluffy pancakes. The 2 strips of bacon add a nice crisp, the scramble eggs, and fries on the side make for a complete meal to smile. This a heavy American breakfast meal that’s just right for the price.

They stay true to the American diner look with the bright leatherette couches, brown tables, and the overall good vibes appeal that makes you look. Booth seating is adequate in space and the couches them selves are balanced in dimensions, overall a comfy place to eat. Restrooms are separate for male and female, which is good feature. They also offer an al fresco dining area at the store-front, which is nice since its around 12 meters from the road.
Bourbon BBQ Bacon Burger 525 PHP
Generally their burger patties are some of the meatiest I’ve ever had, dense and commanding on the palate with each bite falling right down your throat from the sheer weight. Now this is a burger to munch down. For salads I recommend their Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad for a balanced salad with its apple slices and fresh lettuce stopped with tender strips of chicken.

Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad 395 PHP
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