Looking for the finest steaks in Manila? Look no further. It’s not a buffet but certainly a buffet of tastes that you have to experience for yourself.

Food 5.0
Service 3.5
Ambiance 5.0
Overall 4.5

First of all, don’t let that 3.5 star service rating get the best of Cru Steakhouse as that is just a breakdown of my experience. Overall, it really is a must try steakhouse, as they offer some of the finest steaks in Metro Manila. In fact, I celebrated my birthday at Cru, which to my delight the Cru Team presented me with a birthday card that was lined with their best wishes and it even contained a free dessert coupon for my next visit. I understand that the restaurant was relatively busy that night, but having seen my drink on the bar counter for around 5 minutes ready to be served, waiting for one of the staff to serve it was a little bit unacceptable, only after following it up trice from different waiters did I receive it. The same thing happened when we we’re requesting our bill.
The Food at Cru Steakhouse is excellent and is really something to write about. The 900 gram U.S. Certified Angus Prime Rib Steak served medium was as expected: juicy, tender, and overall a great steak – a must try for a good time. Having had the 1 kilogram Scottona Alla Fiorentina T-bone Steak in Finestra at Solaire “My Best Eat of 2014” my expectation was rather high and the Cru Team managed to wow me with their steak and Sea Bass. I think Cru deserves to be my best EAT of 2015, but that’s not finally until the end of the year. 🙂 
The 5 sides included with our 900 gram steak was amazing and I would gladly dine at Cru just ordering their sides. From the marbled potato, cream spinach, macaroni and cheese, Truffle Risotto, and special mention to the Mushroom as it was just delicious.
The “Sea Bass” is a must try if you’re not into steaks with it’s juicy texture and taste of freshness. The spinach salad was heavenly; the leaves had a satisfying texture with the taste that was like nothing I had ever tasted. Marriott has their own organic farm is probably why it tasted so good. “Organic” makes a big difference in the overall experience of food. 
The ambiance is as expected for a hotel and is secluded. Lighting is of course dimmed for the more romantic and private experience. The bathroom is clean, well stocked with hand towels, and lotion. The interior is artful and seating is well spaced. Best reserve the semi-circle couch for those who are on a romantic date. For “foodies” like myself, I reserved the table by the grill where all the action unfolds.

Below is a picture of the prompt and appropriate response from Marriott Manila on Zomato.com where I also post my reviews and my thoughts on restaurants I’ve dined.

My birthday celebration at Cru Steakhouse is something I’ll remember as a night of great food in a place that creates great memories.

I truly appreciate the Cru Team for making my birthday memorable with their handwritten greetings and the delicious cake that makes me want to comeback for more. Clockwise from top left: The 900 gram U.S. Certified Angus Prime Rib Steak, Sea Bass, Birhtday cake , and finally Lamb with risotto.

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