On November 1, 2017 Taiwan started their 9-month trial period granting Filipino passport holders visa-free entry with a maximum 14 day stay. When the program was extended on July 31, 2018 for another year, that was when I finalised my plan for a quick tour around Taiwan. I planned a rapid itinerary covering Taipei – Kaohsiung – Tainan – Taipei spanning just 6 nights. Overall, it was fun and exciting, but not something I plan on repeating for my next trip to Taiwan.

The accommodation plays a big part in my travel plans especially when picking the destination. I believe travelling should be exciting and comfortable, you’ll be away from home, so better make it worth your time. International chain hotels are my preferred choice as they provide familiar brand standards and services, it’s often how I even find out about new places to visit – There’s a nice hotel in….. let’s visit!

Lobby entrance with sitting area of Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park

Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park is an upscale lifestyle property under the Hotel Indigo brand of Intercontinental Hotels (IHG). Immediately after entering the lobby I was greeted by the sight of an oddly designed sofa which upon further investigation resembles that of rip-rap, piles of loose stone used as breakwater to prevent shoreline erosion. The hotel’s design is rooted to Kaohsiung’s past as a trading port.

Premier Room

The Hotel Indigo Premier Room measures between 38 to 43 square meters with the largest variant offering a special layout that features a scenic bathroom view, more on that later.

Upon entering the room I was greeted on the left by an inviting sitting area;large sofa and chair with a centre table that also doubles as an informal work desk. It’s a chill and work corner. The wall and carpet art are just so stunningly beautiful, a visually engaging combination of colours and textures.

Waiting on the minbar table was a dim sum bamboo steamer of fresh fruits, a glass canister of chips (not in photo as my brother couldn’t wait.), and a bottle of sparkling wine, which is such a nice gesture. I don’t hold any status in IHG, in fact I booked through an OTA site, but the reservation team truly went above and beyond.

The floor to ceiling headboard is a colourful stack of crates with words that invite you to sleep on the bed, it’s a fun design that showcase the fun personality of the hotel. The bed was comfortable as expected, no complains.

The wall that separates the bathroom from the living room resembles that of a retail stand as the building was formerly a department store. Below the 49 inch TV is what looks like to be a magazine stand of sorts but without any literature on display. The first door on to the right leads to the walk-in closet and the bathroom, the door on the left also leads to the bathroom albeit to the bathtub and shower area.

I communicated with the hotel during booking to confirm availability with the specific room that I saw online, they confirmed and explained which room series exactly. Rooms ending with the number 03 are the Premier Rooms (43 sqm.) that feature the special bathroom view that overlooks the Shinkuchan shopping area, thankfully I was assigned on a higher floor, which I remember was on the 11th floor, if I’m not mistaken.

I really love scenic bathrooms, a luxury that I don’t have everyday, something that I can’t do at home is soak in a nice bubble bath with a view. Bathroom amenities are provided Oriental Essence collection by Thann aromatherapy products of Thailand. It’s one of my favourite hotel bathroom amenities for their strong zesty and clean scent.



Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park is as central as its name. Located just across from Kaohsiung’s central park and on the edge of Shinkuchan Shopping District. It’s a great base when visiting Kaohsiung, right by the action and just a station away from the city’s iconic Formosa Boulevard station, where you can transfer trains to visit the downtown area for a food adventure and the Pier2 Art Center for all the creative street arts and quirky installations.

Formosa Boulevard Station


Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park is conveniently located by an entrance of the Central Park station, Red line of Kaohsiung MRT, which connects you to the Zuoying (Kaohsiung) Taiwan High Speed Rail station and the Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH). The ticketing system is easy with destination and price clearly indicated. English signages are also available throughout the metro network, very tourist friendly. Uber is also available in Kaohsiung, so that’s another convenient option.