A solid mix of flavours and a smooth follow-through made Ooma a 2016 winner.
Ooma is another outstanding concept from the Moment Group, the people behind; 8 Cuts Burger Blend, Manam (One of my Top 5 favourite Filipino restaurants), Linguini Fini, Bank Bar, Mecha Uma, and the importation of Din Tai Fung. Their slogan a “Bold. New. Japanese.” summarises their bold move in presenting Japanese cuisine in a comfort food style feel, it’s new, bold, but still Japanese. Flavours at Ooma are interesting and intact, presentation is artful and impactful. A remarkable restaurant of 2016, which is why we had to start 2017 with a good meal here.

Oyako Don (289 PHP)
Smoked sous-vide chicken, fresh mushroom, onion, fresh egg, crispy chicken skin, house tare

Their Oyaka Don is soothing with mushrooms, sprinkle of micro-greens and a nice yellow yolk. The crispy chicken skin on top hides the surprise underneath, it’s a nice contrast to savoury smooth feel of the dish.

Gyudon (289 PHP)
Sous-vide beef short plate, fresh mushroom, onion, fried shallot, fresh egg, house tare

A bed of fluffy rice and a topping of savoury sous-vide beef mixed with some floral accents, mushrooms, and a poached ready to spread it’s delicious yellow yolk. It’s a simple dish that will captivate you in it’s savoury goodness.

Hanger Steak (495 PHP)
Sous-vide hanging tender, sauteed mushrooms, white truffle oil, sweet potato mash, crispy baby potato, herb aioli, Ponzu butter.
A popular plate at Ooma for it’s tender beef bits and mouth watering texture that will make your drool just by thinking  about it. You get a bed of sweet mashed potato for a comforting base, a tender and juicy beef, and a crisp topping of baby potatoes. Sweet, Beefy, and crispy in one bit, how can one resist.
Salmon Skin Aburi Maki (245 PHP)
Torched salmon, crispy salmon skin, asparagus, cream cheese, wasabi aioli, teriyaki sauce

Salmon and cream cheese an alluring pair of of opposites, a calm and screaming taste pasted together for a bite of tastiness. 

Salmon Tataki (195 PHP)
Sesame crusted salmon, roasted pineapple, pickled red radish, ginger garlic sauce
A dynamic dish with plentiful of flavours from freshness to zest, making a palate tingling sensation that feels the best.
Green Tea Ice Cream (195 PHP)Decorated with candied cashew nuts


You have to let this thaw for a while, around 5 minutes after serving, as the light green tea taste will be masked by the low temperature at which they serve it by default. Once you see it form a pool of green goo, it’s time to scoop before it’s nothing more than a green pool. Taste and feel the texture of the green tea, this ice cream is just a nice treat after a savoury meal.

Ooma BGC

11am to 11pm Daily

Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines

Ooma Rockwell

11am to 11pm Daily

G/F Edades Tower
Lopez Drive
Rockwell Center
Makati City, Philippines

Ooma Megamall

10am to 10pm Daily

3/F Megamall Fashion Hall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines


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