Fairmont Hotel Makati Lobby

The Fairmont Makati my home in Manila, having stayed 10 nights in 2014 which qualified me for the Premier status in Fairmont Presidents Club, the hotel chain’s loyalty program. It’s serene luxury with only 280 rooms in the property and is relatively tranquil and exclusive compared to the larger hotels in the area such as; Shangri-la Makati’s 696 rooms and New World Makati’s 584 rooms right across. Sharing the same breakfast venue with Raffles Hotel, Spectrum does a marvellous job of fulfilling the expectations of it’s guests from the two luxury hotel brands.

Me relaxing in Fairmont Makati’s Gold Corner Suite a one bedroom suite with 80 square meters of luxury. After my short relaxing nap,  I made my way to 8th floor where the Fairmont Gold lounge is located. The lounge from my estimate was around 400 square meters with an ambiance that is both cozy and classy.  The snacks are beautifully presented and of course delicious. Since I arrived around 5pm they we’re about to change the selection for the Evening Hors D’oeuvres. The champagne and good selection of food was enough to satisfy my appetite. The Golden Lullaby which starts at 9pm presented a small collection of cakes, chocolates, and sweets that completed my day.

My experience with Fairmont Hotel Makati doesn’t begin at the hotel itself, but at airport where I was greeted by two representatives from the hotel. They escorted my to the car promptly parked on Bay 7
right at exit of the arrival area. The chauffeur was standing by the car eagerly ready to open door for me to step in the hotel’s white BMW 7 Series.


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The next morning I ventured to Spa on 4th floor to use the hotel’s complimentary mineral pool.

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